The Odyssey Marine Exploration company reported that it had just discovered the remaining of the SS Mantola, a ship which sank on February 9, 1917 by a German submarine.

The old British ship was discovered near Ireland and was said to carry a cargo of nearly 200,000 ounces of silver which are estimated to be worth nearly 19.5 million US dollars.

The company reported that they plan to complete the ship’s recovery operations during the coming year.

The discovering company, which is Florida based, had discovered an even bigger ship wreck only a few weeks ago, not far away from the current treasure. The previous discovery was estimated to be worth nearly 210 million US dollars which made it one of the biggest treasures even found.

The Odyssey Marine Exploration company also reported that they have an agreement with the British government which entitles them to a finder’s fee of 80% from the treasure.

If you are worried that this reduces your own chance finding a deep-sea treasure then you should know that according to experts estimates there are about three million ship wrecks to be found worldwide – carrying cargos estimated in billions of US dollars.

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