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A Few Pros About Self Publishing

You can develop your manuscript on your time, at your leisure, at your own pace, right at your PC, and then simply upload and wait for your professionally bound, bookstore-quality books to arrive. You determine the amount you want to publish and you determine the amount of money you feel you can spend at any given time. Again, many authors publish a hundred or so books at first and then find themselves ordering hundreds more.

Creative Control 

You may have a favorite literature category, you like to read and there are scenarios you have never seen written in your genre, then you've most likely experienced frustration. Now you are left to ponder and to speculate. The reason your favorite sub-genre has been ignored is money matters in book publishing companies of today.

Why are all these bizarre and wonderful sub-genre literary selections appearing? The new "e" platforms allow authors to self publish book online, as we know them in the literary field. These writers have about 100% freedom to write about virtually anything that comes to their creative minds.

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Do not feel left out. Start writing. Write until you've put down all your ideas, then edit. Your goal is to get self-published to an ebook format to share on the world wide web. Then think about publishing in normal book form.

Note, before ebook formats self-publishing became easy and affordable for almost anyone. However, the editors in publishing companies made the decisions on what choices we had to read. Now, readers and authors can make those decisions.