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All About Sheriff Rich Stanek

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO): A former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek announced Tuesday that he would run for governor in Minnesota.

Rich Stanek is at least the fifth Republican to run in the race to oust Democratic Gov. Tim Walz. Continue reading to know about Rich Stanek.

"I will be running as governor because responsible Democrats let the lawlessness take over and relying on an act of a handful of criminals to wage a complete fight against law enforcement officials," Stanek said in his campaign announcement. "I'm a lifelong conservative. I am concerned for Minnesota in the future and our country's future."

Rich Stanek

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In their announcement, Stanek promises to "secure our choices, increase employment and finances as well as protect our privacy. Keep our rights under the Second Amendment, and put an end to mandates and lockdowns."

Stanek was sheriff in Hennepin County in 2006, until present deputy sheriff David Hutchinson was elected in 2018.

Other Republican candidates include the former Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, Senator Michelle Benson, Kendall Qualls, an experienced veteran who failed to run in the 2020 election for Congress in 2020 along with Scott Jensen, a former state senator, and physician.

Walz said he'd like to run for an additional term as governor in October.