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All You Need To Know About Hi- Vis Clothing

Hi-Vis Clothing is a form of PPE…personal protective equipment worn in the workplace so that employees can be easily recognized at work. The mesh safety vest is also available in high visibility colors, making jacketed workers very easy to spot even from a distance. With the use of highly reflective materials, users can also be seen against any background without much difficulty.

You don't have to work in hazardous situations to make hi-vis clothing part of your winter uniform. You don't have to sacrifice style for form and functionality. A tasteful white or cream coat will cater to your high visibility needs and you can stand out from the crowd with a white umbrella instead of buying another black umbrella.

If you ride your bike to and from work, or even for entertainment, you shouldn't be told the importance of appearing as obvious as possible. Place lights under bicycle seats and under handlebars so traffic can see you coming and going. Look for reflective strips on your pedals and forget about too fancy clothes and invest in quality clothes. 

A hi-vis vest is the best option as it is easy to wear over your clothes, but you can also pick up a hi-vis jacket which is specially designed to keep you warm in winter. You'll never be too visible, so equip your high-visibility team with some reflective strips on your helmet. As the saying goes, it's better to wear a hi-vis outfit than to regret it.