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How Gm Ignition Lawsuits Affect Your Car Or Engine

When GM created the ignition switch for their engine, not only did they want to make sure it was safe, but also wanted to make sure that it would be easy for drivers to understand. 

However, what they didn't factor in was how difficult and confusing it would be for people to use this new technology. In this article, you can learn about the consequences of GM's ignition switch, and how GM has been handling these lawsuits so far.

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Today: General Motors Agrees To $900 Million Criminal Fine For Faulty Ignition Switches

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What is a GM Ignition Lawsuit?

A GM ignition lawsuit is a legal proceeding in which a car or engine owner alleges that the manufacturer's defective ignition system caused their vehicle to fail while under the care and supervision of a mechanic.

The most common cause of a GM ignition lawsuit is a loss of power or a "no start" condition. A GM ignition lawsuit can also be filed if the vehicle stalls unexpectedly, has an excess amount of smoke or fire, or develops an unusual noise.

If you are involved in a GM ignition lawsuit, it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can guide the best way to proceed and protect your rights.