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Innovative Ways to Use Throw Blankets

Have you thought of making use of throw blankets to decorate your home? Although it might sound odd it's the style that many interior decorators are following nowadays. Super soft throw blankets are light, water, and dust resistant and therefore, it's much easy to work with them as opposed to the large wool blankets.

7 Tips for Decorating With Throw Blankets

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Four Innovative Ways to Use Throw Blankets:

Classy- Tuck Beneath

The idea of tucking a throwback with a vibrant design under the sofa or chair is a fantastic idea for bringing life into simple furniture. All you have to do is fold three or two neat horizontal folds on the blanket before tucking it under the couch or chair and letting the majority of the blankets slide freely. 


This look is great for those days when you're just overwhelmed by your home clutter. Use those thick furry blankets to work. Make some fluffy folds, then place the blanket on the sofa's corner.


This is among the most effective ways to use an old blanket to embellish your home. Choose the small or medium-sized throw blanket, make informal cascades, and lay the blanket on the couch's side. The cascades will fall off towards the seat's back.

Formal Bedroom Warmth

Placing the blanket on the mattress at the foot of it is among the most efficient ways to make your bedroom an individual appearance. Choose a blanket that is large just unfold it lengthwise and lay it over the bed.