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Installing a Wireless Network Adapter

Today's computers are often built with a wireless network adapter (WNA) that provides the device with the ability to connect to a network wirelessly. But for a computer that is built from scratch, a WNA is typically purchased separately and installed on the computer. You can also buy affordable adapter daisy chain via

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To obtain a computer that has been purchased out of the box, the following steps would determine if a WNA has been installed on the machine:

1) Click Start> "Control Panel"> "Network and Internet Connections".

2) Click "Network Connections" below the Control Panel icon.

3) In Windows XP, all network adapters are registered in the Network Connections window where the wireless network adapters are labeled "Wireless Network Connection"

Under "Wireless Network Connection", when an installed adapter indicates a red X, then it is not connected. When the Network Connections window remains clean, then the computer does not have a WNA installed.

There are 3 ways to install a WNA on the computer. All of these are via the USB interface; through a card bus and a slot based on the computer's motherboard. Two of those approaches, namely the USB connector and the card bus, can simply be applied to a mobile device such as a laptop; while the motherboard slot system and USB port are largely connected with the desktop.