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Basic Information About Refrigerated Air Dryers

A compressed air dryer is a device for removing moisture from compressed air. Compressed air dryers can usually be found in a large number of industrial and commercial operations.

The process of compressed air concentrates atmospheric pollutants, including water vapor. You can also look for the refrigerated compressed air dryers through various online sites.

Compressed Air Dryer

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This increases the dew point of compressed air compared to free atmospheric air and causes condensation in the ducts as the compressed air cools after the compressor.

Cooling dryer

The refrigeration dryer uses two heat exchangers, one for air to air and one for air cooling. The purpose of using two heat exchangers is to allow the cold exhaust air to cool the incoming hot air and to reduce the size of the compressor required.

Most manufacturers produce "bike dryers". They store a cool mass that cools the air when the compressor is turned off. When the refrigeration compressor is running, large masses take longer to cool down, so the compressor runs longer and shuts down longer. 

These units operate at lower dew points, usually in the 35-40°F range. When selected with the optional Cold Set Filter, these units can bleed compressed air at lower dew points.

Several manufacturers offer compressors with built-in refrigeration dryers, but they have received mixed market awareness.

Typically, an incorporation pre filter is installed just before the refrigeration dryer to remove lubricating oil and other contaminants that may contaminate the dryer heat exchanger.