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A List of Things to do After Being Exposed to Asbestos

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If you’re in a situation where you feel you’ve been exposed to asbestos, the first thing to do is not to panic. Instead, try to turn the clock back and think about the duration time of being exposed to asbestos. After you’ve figured out the exposure time to asbestos, the next thing to do is consult a doctor asap. These are an additional set of things to do once you feel that you’ve come in contact with asbestos.

  1. Visit a Doctor – Probably the number one thing to do is to visit a doctor asap. On doctor’s recommendation, you will be asked to take certain CT scans, lung tests, and x-rays of the chest. All these tests have nothing to do with revealing of asbestos but it will help the doctor to learn whether there is any sign of lung infection.
  2. No Smoking – If you smoke, then probably the first thing to do after or before being exposed to asbestos is to quit completely. Smoking has no benefits and continuing to do will ultimately result in lung cancer.
  3. Keep Seeing your Doctor – A single visit to the doctor isn’t enough to get yourself treated from asbestos exposure. It is important to visit regularly to learn more about asbestos symptoms such as blood while coughing, difficulty in breathing, pains in the chest etc. Moreover, the doctor may also recommend you to get vaccinated against pneumonia. 

At the end of the day, asbestos needs to be removed immediately but by a professional. You can ask the professional for asbestos testing in Newcastle area present in your home.