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Different Types Of Industrial Cold Storage

The industrial cold storage industry is indispensable for the food and catering industry throughout the world. Storage of food and perishable goods require facilities and most companies rely on the logistics warehouse to store food items such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits to maintain freshness. Today companies all over the world are relying on storage and warehousing logistics to meet their growing demands of distribution and storage.

Different types of Cold Storage Facility

There are different types of storage facilities which include refrigeration. Basically there are three types of storage facilities include modular refrigerator rooms, combi refrigerator rooms, and industrial excellent coolrooms. The cold storage industry is mainly used for storing large quantities of goods.

This storage facility is used for industrial purposes and access to the cooling room requires a vehicle to transport goods. Most of these storage rooms have large doors and pallet racks as the number of goods stored in this facility is quite large.

Combi refrigeration rooms have a combination of different types of temperatures. It is ideally suited to the catering industry as goods can be stored at various temperatures with ease. The cooling unit has a separate unit for the purpose of freezing.

The rooms are quite flexible and are mainly used for commercial purposes. Most companies prefer to allocate a modular cooling room service because it has the advantage of cooling solutions tailored to the needs of customers from various parts of the world.