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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : How It Works?

The most important tool required for the successful execution of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the hyperbaric chambers.

The hyperbaric chambers are nothing but a number of pressurized enclosures that can increase the internal pressure more than that of the exterior atmospheric pressure. You can also get hyperbaric oxygen treatment at

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The patients are kept inside these chambers to experience such high atmospheric pressure. The decrease in pressure is the main reason which leads to reduction in the blood oxygenation.

This phenomenon is called anoxia. Anoxia is based on the concept of Dalton's Law where due to de-oxygenation of blood, the alveoli walls experienced low pressure by the oxygen molecules.

A patient suffering from deficiency of oxygen in blood when kept in hyperbaric chambers at a pressure of 3 psi, the pressure of atmosphere jumps to 915mm of Hg from 760 mm of Hg.

Due to the increase in the pressure of the gas, it leads to forceful oxygenation of blood in the plasma. This excess oxygen is then transported to the oxygen deficit tissues of the body which require more supply of oxygen in the body where the level of hemoglobin is low.

The design of Hyperbaric Therapy is done in such a way so that they can flood the supply of oxygen to tissues of the body that are ischemic or have been damaged due to limited supply of oxygen.

After the therapy the level of oxygen diffusion in the blood plasma also increases and produces effects like number of gas bubbles in blood getting reduced, damaged tissues being cured and increase in the level of phagocytes etc.