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Installing Hardwood On Concrete Slabs: What Are The Ways?

There are two options for installing hardwood flooring over concrete slabs: install vapor barrier or plywood subfloor sheets. You cannot install hardwood flooring directly over concrete slabs using the nail installation method. To nail the floor, you need to use something as a nail base. 

Another installation method is a floating floor system, so the floor will not be glued to the concrete; it sticks to itself by means of tongue-and-groove joints. If you're looking for concrete slab suppliers then visit

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Preparing the concrete slabs

It is necessary to thoroughly prepare the slab before installing the wood floor. The room must not contain dust. The concrete slab must have a perfectly flat surface. The surface must be flat, and all dust, grease, oil and stains must be removed, the slab must be clean. Any depressions must be leveled, potholes must be sanded. In case you are not sure the concrete is dry, let it dry for a few more days.

Before installing, take the wood to the room where it will be installed and leave it there to acclimatize to room temperature. The height of your floor will increase due to the combination of the base and the floor, so be sure to check that the additional height does not create any problems around doors, transitions between rooms, and near cabinets. As long as the floor finish has not completely dried, it is better not to open the room for airing.

While this process of installing hardwood over concrete slabs is going through a lot of detail and difficulty, the results and great atmosphere that natural wood flooring brings to your home are well worth it.