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Testing Employees for COVID-19: Is it Necessary?

As we approach the second full year of a worldwide pandemic, the coronavirus continues to transform and reshape our lives and workplaces. While things are unquestionably better than they were a year ago, the threat of COVID-19 to our communities remains very real, forcing business owners to make important decisions:

Should we be regularly testing our employees for COVID-19? Is mandatory testing legal? How will our employees react? These questions can lead to a lot of consternation and uncertainty for employees and business owners alike. 

On a fundamental level, more testing is always a good thing from a public health perspective, but that isn’t the only factor to consider. You can get the best service of covid testing in the US. This article will discuss some of the most important issues to consider when regularly testing employees for COVID-19. 

Testing for COVID-19


In the interest of public health, more prevalent testing is the only way to accurately identify those who are contagious with COVID-19, and better, more accurate data on who is infected is probably the single most important tool for controlling and limiting the spread of this virus. 

Research shows that one in three people carry the COVID-19 virus but they do not necessarily experience symptoms, nor know they are infected. Therefore, testing is the only way to identify these individuals and prevent spreading the illness to co-workers.