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The Best Way to Fit Wood Flooring Beneath a Door Frame, Architrave and Door

When fitting timber flooring it's highly probable you will need to manage present internal joineries such as skirting boards and architraves. Skirting boards or shoe planks since they're occasionally called ought to be eliminated if at all possible, employing a scotia profile to pay for the growth gap is another but the final results aren't as appealing. You can also hire good composite doors supply and fit via

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Many fitters can take care of the skirting boards however may come unstuck when it comes to coping with door frames and architraves. Cutting the floor to the form of the architrave is extremely hard and the results are not satisfactory. 

To Be Able to undercut the doorway frame you need to complete these steps:

1) Eliminate any present floor covering.

2) Take a little piece (30cm / / 1ft extended ) of your new floors and a parcel of underlay (if you're floating the ground ) put these on the ground abutting the door frame and architrave. This will function as a guide for your saw.

3) Have a sharp hand saw and put it flat on the part of timber, teeth facing the doorway frame.

4) Carefully start sawing through the wood. Don't rush, particularly if starting. Move the manual flooring around the doorway frame as every segment is cut.

5) If you think you have cut through the wood, eliminate the saw. You should now have the ability to eliminate the base of the door frame and architrave. Sometimes you might have to eliminate the waste using a chisel