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Know More About Sewer Drain Cleaning

Summer is here, and you are spending more time at your pool, on the beach, or in the water. Summer is synonymous with water, but your bathroom is not the best place to swim. Common plumbing issues should be avoided. The summer heat can cause drain problems in your home. 

While a trip to the beach can be fun, all the pebbles, shells, and sand you bring to your shower can cause clogs. Blockages can occur for a variety of reasons, including improper installation, poor operation, and old piping. You can also call blocked drain Exeter to unblock your drain.

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If your drain is blocked, you will need urgent drain cleaning. There are three types of drain cleaning that plumbing professionals use. Motorized Drain Snakes also known as Drain augers come in both manual and motorized versions. However, the motorized drain snakes are professional-grade and do the job better. 

The coil of wire works in the same way as a corkscrew to remove a blockage or clog. You can have almost any type of blockage removed by a certified plumber who uses a motorized drain snake. Hydro-jetters use water pre-heated and forced through the hose using a high pressure nozzle to produce significant power. 

The heat and force of the water can cause the pipes to burst and dissolve any solids or grease. There are many better methods to clean clogged drains and keep them clean.