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All About Essential Oils – Origin, Usage, And Benefits

How many of you choose natural treatment and beauty treatments? As the market expands for the use of synthetic cosmetics such as antibiotics and skin conditions, these are becoming more frequent. 

Therefore, natural treatments are not a luxury, but an essential requirement for those who have sensitive skin. You can again feel like living young with Young Living Essential Oils that can really help you to rejuvenate your skin and your health.

While some are go-to herbal remedies, others opt for essential oils because of their unique advantages. We'll discuss the advantages of essential oils, but first, let's get an understanding of what essential oils are.

The term originally was used to describe "quintessential oils" The term is originated from the idea of life force, or spirit of plants that they extract by using specific techniques. 

The hydrophobic liquid extracted retains the scent of the plant it comes from and is therefore extensively used in Aromatherapy. 

There is a belief that they are the spirit of the plant, and when extracted, retain the beneficial properties of the plant. They help relax our body, mind and boost our spirits. They have also discovered various uses in beauty and skincare treatments due to their inherent properties.

The idea of essential oils is not new. It's been around for thousands of years when ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Jews were relying on their extraordinary properties to treat diseases and strengthen your skin and body.