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How Do Perms Work On Your Lashes?

Eyelash permanent wave, or more commonly called an eyelash perm, and may also refer to permanent relaxer that straightens the hair is a cosmetic procedure performed only by licensed Cosmetologists to flip up eyelashes using hair perming technology. You can also check out here to buy eyelash perming kit.

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With an eyelash perm, you get upturned lashes that offer several benefits, including:

1. Making your eyes look bigger.

2. Granting you fuller-looking lashes.

3. Getting that doe-eyed look.

Sometimes, salons will use rollers and heat to create natural, long-lasting results. The theory behind an eyelash perm is the same — lashes are coated with perm cream to relax their natural texture and coax them into fuller curls.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding what an eyelash perm is:

1. Lashes are covered with a special adhesive.

2. After they’re fully coated, the lashes are wrapped around mini rollers.

3. The salon aesthetician applies the perming solution.

4. Your lashes are wrapped in plastic wrap and allowed about five minutes to set.

5. To stop the perming process, a neutralizing solution is applied.

The perming process takes 45 minutes or less, although there is some variation among different salons. Some techs use a conditioning solution after your treatment to make your lashes soft and silky, while others offer an eyelash tint to maximize results.