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How to Choose a Good Respirator for Kids and Adults

Respirators are used by people to filter out some bad or harmful particles in the air. They are designed to block particles such as bacteria, dust, or smoke that can cause irritation when inhaled.

We've had SARS, bird flu, H1N1, and several other high-risk exposures. This increased general awareness appears to have spread to schools, workplaces, and public places. People are now aggressively seeking airway protection.

You can use EOS’ Disposable KN95s respirator in order to protect yourself from various flues.

Many people have used respirators to prevent allergies outdoors. During certain times of the year, plants and trees release large amounts of pollen which floats in the air for long periods of time. Respirators prevent this pollen from entering the nasal passages and prevent allergic reactions. Some respirators are also used to prevent airborne microbial transmission, but most respirators are ineffective at blocking microbes due to user suitability and filter quality factors.

Below are some tips for your attention before buying a respirator.

Breathable and comfortable

Studies show that a lack of oxygen stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and raises the heart rate, causing significant additional stress and lowering work tolerance for those who take it. By choosing a good breathing apparatus, you will extend the usage time for maximum protection.

Easy seal check

When choosing a breathing apparatus, it fits perfectly. A placement test is recommended to ensure a secure seal around the edges and a snug fit. However, this is difficult to achieve because professional equipment is mainly available in large hospitals. Alternatively, you can choose one that makes it easier to visually inspect the seal. Make sure there are no leaks between the mask and your face.