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Easy Steps On How To Freeze Okra

Freezing okra is not as easy as washing and typing refs. There is an easy way to freeze okra. There are precise steps that must be taken to freeze okra so it doesn't go bad. You can enjoy okra in the regular freezer for up to eight months if done right. Frozen okra can also last up to 10+ months in the freezer. You can also purchase frozen okra from online sources.

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1. The first step to freezing okra is choosing fresh okra. You'll know it's fresh when it's green and tender. Choose okra without skewers. Make sure there are no brown spots.

2. The second step in freezing okra is to put it in a colander and rinse it with water, which should be lukewarm. The next step is to separate the smaller and larger pods. Small pods are less than four inches long and larger ones are more than four inches long.

3. The third step in freezing okra is cutting the stem at the top with a knife. Do this step only with the smaller sleeve. Be careful not to cut the sperm.

4. The fourth step in freezing okra is to fill two-thirds of the pot with water. Bring to a boil and prepare a bowl of ice once the water starts to boil.

5. The fifth step to freezing okra is to add the smaller pods to the pot or pan to cook.

6. The final step in freezing okra is placing the okra in a colander to drain the water. Put it in a ziplock bag, making sure there is no air in the bag at all. Put it in the referee's fridge.