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Popular Types of Earrings for Men and Women

Both men and women like to wear earrings. Actually, these pieces are considered as the most important type of jewellery since prehistoric times. They represent the talent, style, and personal statement. Type varies depending on the wearer's ear; but the two main classes of clip-on and penetrate-in.

Clip-on earrings made with tension clips, screw-in posts, or spring attachment to pinch the ear. They are sort of like handcuffs ears bent metal band pressed to his ear. However, clip-on earrings lost their popularity when penetrating-on earrings were introduced in the 1970s. You can navigate for getting more knowledge about amazing earrings.

Nevertheless, a new kind of earrings have recently evolved from the two main classes. Among them are hanging, slave, magnets, stick-on, hoop and stud earrings. Both women and men wear stud earrings. kinds of earrings seems to float in the ear or ears with no visible connection points. Buttons continue to be built at the end of this post.

They get straight through the ear. In addition, men usually prefer fruit show their masculinity. Thus, a small gold or silver hoops are also popular. Men also wear the pieces with nails, double-ended barbell, or plugs. Adventurous even wear plugs spacer is not the kind of normal.

Hoops is a type of earring designed in a semi-circle or circular mode. They are very similar to a ring. However, they are usually made of metal tubes. The hollow tube is placed in front of the ear and permanently attached to the wire. Then, slipping into the tube at the back.