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Is Medical Balloon Sinuplasty Safe And Effective?

Medical Balloon Sinuplasty can be described as an endoscopic surgical procedure to aid sufferers with chronic sinusitis who aren't receiving results from medications. The balloon is inserted into the sinus cavity that is inflamed and gradually inflated to remove the swelling.

A catheter then is used to drain the fluid that has accumulated. The balloon is then deflated and then removed. Sinuplasty can be offered as an alternative to conventional sinus surgery. You can find more information about the medicative balloon test online.

medical balloon test

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Is Medical Balloon Sinuplasty safe?

Every surgical procedure comes with risks. Sinus surgery, which involves surgical removal of blockages within the sinuses carries an increased risk than the less invasive Balloon Sinuplasty. The primary safety benefit is the substantial reduction in bleeding.

Since the medical balloon was designed to gently pull the sinus tissue away rather than remove it, the risk of bleeding is less.

For the study of 2007, CLEAR research (CLinical evaluation to confirm Safety and Efficacy in Sinuplasty for the Paranasal Sinuses) certain patients underwent traditional sinus surgery while others received Balloon Sinuplasty.

Results showed that those who underwent this procedure showed "statistically significant differences in postoperative discomfort (measured by the use of a total narcotic)."

Is Medical Balloon Sinuplasty effective?

For the CLEAR study, the patients were examined again a year following their procedure. The majority of patients were found to maintain sinus passageways open since the first procedure. Based on the tests SNOT-20 (Sino-Nasal Outcomes Testing) The study found that "SNOT-20 scores were statistically better than pre-operative scores and show continued improvement."