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Can We Take Prebiotics and Probiotics Supplement Together

A combination of a probiotic and prebiotic supplement can help your digestion. However, as we will discuss further, you don't want to take only a probiotic supplement.

Prebiotics can be found in different food plan fibers. They don't get digested, but instead pass directly to the colon to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. You can check out the more about megasporebiotic at

Prebiotic foods include unrefined raw grain sources like wheat, barley, and oats as well as chicory root and Jerusalem artichoke, berries, bananas, onions and asparagus.

Because of the health benefits that probiotics can provide, they are actually live bacteria in our digestive tract. Two things to note: 

(1) Probiotics are not natural foods, they are all manufactured 

(2) your body already has good bacteria.

Probiotic foods include yogurt, tempeh and other soy products. These foods are made by man and do not have any standards or requirements regarding their probiotics content. If you wish to add probiotics into your system, you should consider taking a probiotics supplement.

Prebiotics and probiotics have a synbiotic relationship for your digestive health – the prebiotics provide the nourishment and environment for the probiotics to thrive, while the probiotics provide numerous health benefits because of their ability to now grow and not be taken over by harmful bacteria.