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Mold Detection in Your Home: A Quick Guide

As you are possibly aware mold is a tiny living organism. You have most likely come across it on some forgotten bread or something lurking at the back of the refrigerator! However, this member of the fungi family will not just grow on rotten food. 

It produces spores that become airborne and will quite happily settle and grow on many different surfaces in particular if they are composed of cellulose, items made from timber, natural fabrics like cotton, wool, leather, paper, and cardboard. You can look for a mold specialist online to get the mold detection service via

Signs You Need A Mold Inspection

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The biggest cause of mold growth in homes is excess moisture created by leaking water that has gone undetected or elevated humidity due to inadequate ventilation. The obvious places for mold to germinate are the areas of the property that are most likely to be damp, like the kitchen and bathroom, basements, and crawl space/attic are also common places associated with mold problems (mold will grow in glass fiber insulation.)

In many instances mold growing on your property is fairly harmless, whilst it may cause some irritation such as itchy eyes and is far from ideal for those already suffering from respiratory-related illnesses for example asthma, it will do no real harm. 

However, there are other strains of mold that are very toxic and damaging to human health. For this reason, early mold detection and eradication in your home are vital.