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All About Scoliosis Treatment In Singapore

Active spinal rehabilitation can and does reduce the symptoms of scoliosis, but the article omitted that active spinal rehabilitation could reduce the actual curvature of scoliosis. Many studies show that exercise protocols that include core strengthening exercises such as sit-ups, chin tilts, and hip tilts have no effect on scoliotic distortion, but this study ignores a critical aspect of the spine.


Scoliosis is a basic condition of the spine, the spinal nerves control in response to gravity. In short, the brain misunderstands gravity and misaligns the spine. For this reason, scoliosis is 5 times more common in the visually impaired population but is only 25% more common in people with hearing loss. 

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However, neurological control does not appear to be the only factor involved in disease progression. A spinal deformity of fewer than 20 degrees has about a 22% developmental risk, but the developmental risk increases to 68% for a 20-29 degree distortion. 

The normal pattern of bending and rotation usually forces the spinal cord across the outside of the curve, increasing pressure on the spinal cord but maintaining a relatively low torsion in the spinal curve; However, when the spinal curvature reaches 30 degrees or more, the bending and rotation patterns separate and the rotational components begin to rotate inward. 

While this has the effect of relieving stress on the spinal cord by allowing the rope to run through the inside of the curve, it has the negative effect of creating a tremendous amount of torsion in the curvature of the spine.