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Know More About Bedside Folding Screens Features health care home at Silentia Screens

These privacy screens can be used as a general privacy screen or as a partition in a therapy room. Easy to clean and hygienic, patterned curtains are great for children's wards.

Original Medical Equipment Company Pvt. ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of Hospital Equipments. We also sell Hospital Bedside Screens. This is the right place if you're looking for it. You can search here for more information about health care home at Silentia Screens.

A bedside Screen is a movable device or screen that can be used in hospitals as a temporary partition. This screen is generally made from a curtain with a metal frame. It's used to create privacy between patients' beds. 

These screens come in both a simple and decorative design. These screens can also be used in doctor's rooms while the doctor examines the patient in his private room.

The metal bedside screen is made to meet the needs of medical personnel and is extremely comfortable and simple to use. There are many types of Curtain Frames Screen: Metal, iron, iron, and wooden. They are lightweight and offer privacy for patients and doctors during examinations.

These products range from the most expensive to the most affordable. We offer the highest quality products at an affordable price. Importers from all over the world import our products.