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All About Indoor Skydive Centers in Thailand

The "fall zone" is also called the "pit" or "jump target". Usually, if a person jumps out of the plane, this fall zone is a rectangular zone, the length of which is pointing in the same direction as the plane's movement.

The size of the drop zone is usually determined by the time of day, the speed of the aircraft, or (mostly) the skill of the skydiver. However, drop-out zones are not limited to rectangular fields. You can also look for the highest tandem parachute jump centers in Thailand.

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Adventurous parachutists can choose to land in water, on snowy slopes, in raging wildfires, or even in hostile territory, depending on the jump requirements and jumper skills.

Parachuting center

The fall zone is also used in relation to the parachuting center. This will be the place if you want to or learn to parachute, or if you already have at least a Class A driver's license (not a driving license, by the way) where you can get a seat on a plane that will take you to heaven with it you can return to earth.

What to Expect in the Fall Zone

We all know the glamorous version of the Hollywood idea of fall zones. Group of adrenaline addicts who do not have good relations with other people. This is completely misleading. The people you'll find at these places are some of the friendliest and most talkative "adrenaline junkies" you'll find anywhere in the world.