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How To Choose A Small Business Marketing Consultant

As an entrepreneur, there will likely come a time that you feel the need to hire a small business marketing consultant to help with marketing and growing your business. There are many reputable agencies that offer consultant services; the key is finding the right agency for you. To find out the best small business marketing agency visit

Here are some tips on how to choose a marketing consultant for your small business:

Questions to ask

There are several questions that you definitely want to ask any prospective marketing consultant – and some that you definitely want to avoid. Let's take a look at the things that you should ask when you first begin discussions with various marketing firms.


Just as you would any other service provider or employee, you need to find out what sort of references your marketing consultant has. Get a list of references and don't be afraid to use them. 

Case Studies

Though marketing consultants cannot release other clients' actual marketing plans, they can release case studies of work they have done. Most reputable marketing firms will have case studies on hand and ready for viewing. 

Personality Questions

Without being too brazen there definitely is some room for personality questions. Use questions similar to those you would ask during an interview with a potential employee. This is simply to see if you and your potential marketer are a good fit. 

What Not to Ask For

So you know what to ask when choosing your new marketing consultant. Make sure that he or she is a good fit for you and your business, make sure that you feel comfortable with this person, and that she seems comfortable with you. Always check references and ask for case studies.