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The Big Island of Hawaii: Make the Most Out of Your Trip

Fire and Waterfall Adventure Tour. Amazing iconic fires and waterfalls surround the many ongoing volcanic eruptions and stunning waterfalls on the big island. There are many ways to explore this natural wonder, from simple sightseeing tours to full-fledged helicopter tours in the air. 

Basically, it all depends on your budget and level of adventure. But never mind, the great Snorkeling with Manta Rays on the Big Island of Hawaii offered them what most of them had never seen in their lives: boiling hot lava pouring into the sea, mountains of misty water plunging into the impenetrable abyss. 

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Lava will amaze you and waterfalls will invite you for a quick swim or a beautiful romantic date. This site is good for the young, old and young at heart. In other words, they are the only reason to visit the big island. Do not move or sit in the hotel pool.

Visit the beach. Don't just sit on a white sand beach, even though the beach can hold you hostage. Instead, go out and circle the entire unruly coastline. Again, depending on your tummy, you can travel on foot, rented jeep, canoe, zodiac, motorboat, helicopter or on flippers. Each stretch of beach looks very different. From the cooling lava rock to the pristine stretch of fine sand, it's amazing to think that the waves could actually hit it so well.

When you visit these beaches, you don't just sit there; I'm getting wet. As beautiful as the crests of glistening waves and sun-bleached sand, a completely different universe awaits beneath the surface of the warm water. Get fins, snorkels or even a plunge pool to relax with thousands of species of saltwater fish and coral formations.