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How Mindfulness Work In Silicon Valley

Mindfulness, an ancient Buddhist technique, helps us manage our internal responses to a turbulent and unpredictable world. We want to respond with balance and peace, but often our thoughts and feelings don't cooperate.

Even though there is no rest from problems and pain, mindfulness helps us get through the trials and tribulations of living in peace. Practicing these simple techniques from mindfulness meditation groups in Silicon Valley will help us increase our alertness and awareness so that we are awake and ready for anything. 

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In changing spiritual awareness, we can control the mind by bringing it where we want it: in the present moment, awake, alert, and ready. In these settings we can best learn, solve problems, relax, serve, and enjoy. 

Testimony is the aspect of the higher self from which we can observe changes in life with calm neutrality. Change is not the goal of the witness. We do not add, subtract, delete or edit. We accept reality as it is when we change our frameworks and attitudes.

We focus on silence and stillness inside and outside of the moment. As the witness grows through the practice of mindfulness, we can slowly bring a dimension of space and serenity into life's events.

In ordinary consciousness, we identify with the negative and destructive stream of thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, and fantasies that pass through our consciousness. With mindfulness practice, we create a space large enough to contain negativity.