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Cocaine Addiction Treatment – On the Spotlight

The leaves of the coca plant is used to produce the drug cocaine, a substance that stimulates the central nervous system and suppress appetite. Because countless cases of addiction and dependence of individuals on drugs, many countries have banned and ban the possession, cultivation, and distribution of drugs. You can find cocaine addiction treatment online.


Despite the heavy penalties and punishments await those caught violating drug laws that prohibit cocaine, it is still one of the most widely used substance in the world today, it gained fame and infamy status.

drugs, being a stimulant, a chemical that mimics the action of the brain brands, forward messages pleasure to reward center of the brain. Similar to other substances such as adrenalin, Cocaine leads to an increase in a person's heart rate, blood pressure and the level where one breathes.

When taken in excess, however, it leads to psychological problems such as drastic emotions of anger, paranoia and panic, including hallucinations. As a result, there are cases where cocaine also cause lethal seizures and stroke.

Treatment for cocaine addiction consider several elements, including the severity of the symptoms of addiction is, the damage caused by cocaine, and how fast the recovery will be. Symptoms of cocaine addiction include craving for the substance, depression, loss of energy, feelings of fear, anger, want a lot or lose a lot of sleep, nausea, excessive sweating, rapid breathing, heart palpitations and increased appetite, which lasted for several weeks even after someone has stopped using cocaine.

Although not available at this time, the drugs that can be used in treating cocaine addiction are being intensely studied. Researchers are working continuously to identify and examine the different options and alternatives to cope with addiction to cocaine.