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What Is a Video Sales Letter

Sales letters are marketing assets that aim to persuade the target audience to buy certain products or services. Initially, it was a piece of direct mail- physical letters, often 10+ pages long. The idea was that it replaced the door-to-door salesman in selling potential customers on all the details and benefits of a particular product.

While physical sales letters still exist, today you are more likely to see the virtual version, such as a special website or landing page, or, the latest evolution in this form of marketing – video sales letter. Video sales letters replace written sales copy with a video exploring a problem and introducing a particular product or service as the solution.

While sales letters are seen by some as shady or hard-sell tactics, often the actual direct approach can produce good results.  By learning certain key lessons, you can use video to make your sales pitch without turning off potential customers.

They may be animated, live-action, or “whiteboard” style, or a simple slideshow presentation with voiceover, and can vary in length from a few minutes to half an hour.  Creating a video sales letter doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s easy to quickly create a professional quality video using online templates.