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Use Your Swimming Pool All Year Round

 Do you have a swimming pool? If so, how many months have you used it and even in summer you can't use it due to rain or wind when the water is warm enough to swim every day?

If so, it's time to buy a pool cage. This plugin is available in various versions, which I will explain in a moment. However, in general, you can expand your pool use and use the pool throughout the year if necessary.

In general, there are two types that are fully utilized – permanently housed and removed in good weather. You can click over here to buy different pool covers.

First, there is a cover for the cell pool, which is ideal for temporarily covering the bottom pool from above.

Then there are the high and low level telescopic covers which, as the name suggests, can slide back and forth like a telescope, allowing the pool to quickly close in bad weather and open the sun when the weather is good.

This will keep your pool warmer when lit as it minimizes cooling from wind evaporation. The low level only covers the edge of the pool; at high levels, you can walk around the edge of the pool standing fully up. Telescopic pool covers are really designed for use with underground pools.

Another option with an indoor pool is to purchase an air dome or sun dome. An air dome works on the same principle as a tennis court covering.

It remains upright and maintains positive air pressure inside the dome. You have to enter quickly because the dome starts to collapse. He offers half a feather.