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What is a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is a large underground pipe that carries wastewater and storm water from homes, businesses, and streets to a wastewater treatment plant.

A sewer line can become blocked if the water inside it becomes too thick or if objects become caught in the pipe. When this happens, sewage can overflow into the street, making it unsafe to walk or drive on.

Here are some basic steps to repairing a sewer line: 

1) Turn off the main water supply to the area where the pipe is located. This will prevent damage from being done by flowing water. 

2) Check the Condition of the pipe  with an inspection camera (available at most hardware stores). If there are any cracks in the pipe, fix them before proceeding.

3) If there is standing water in the area, pour some quick dry concrete mix into a bucket and mix with water using a trowel or shovel. This will help seal the broken pipe in place. 

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How to Fix a Leaking or Broken Sewer Line

If you're having sewer line problems with your new construction project, there are a few things you can do to try and fix them. 

-One common cause of sewer line problems is an improper installation. Make sure the plumbers installing your sewer line use the correct tools and techniques, and be sure to follow all the manufacturer's instructions. 

-Another common cause if your new construction project includes an old building or structure that was connected to the city’s sewer system, chances are there are still pieces of that infrastructure lurking beneath your new development. Inspect the lines carefully for obstructions, and call in a professional if you find anything. 

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