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Different Materials for a New Roof Installation

Roofs are an integral part of any home and one should be careful when going for a new roof installation. The work of installing in itself is a complicated task and therefore, needs professional assistance from companies in Montreal. Professionals have sound knowledge about the procedure and can also help the client in choosing the right type of installation. 

There are many different types of roofs available in the market and one should have a precise knowledge of them before deciding on the roof they want in their house. For example, there are certain materials that help in keeping any type of insect in the house while other bars the cool air from entering the house and helps the place to keep warm.

Different types of roofing sheets in Montreal:

• Metal Roof

Metal is a very popular material for roofs. Such material is known for its durability and this makes it highly reliable and popular. It offers a solid resistance both from harsh weather and also in the fire. This makes it hard-wearing and therefore, a lot of people choose this material as a one-time investment for their house. Statically too it is proved that metal roof installation is known to survive for more than fifty years without giving much trouble.

• Wooden Roof

This type of roof installation is made of wood, as the name suggests. Such roofs look elegant and classy and are preferred by many because of their high resistance to decay and insects. However, the material does not have high fire resistance but lasts quite a few years. Another big advantage is that they come at reasonable prices. Prices of wooden roofs range from sixty to a hundred dollars per square meter.

• Eco Roofs

Eco-roofs are made of environment-friendly natural or recycled materials. Soil is the prime material used in this type of installation, However, such installation becomes heavy. Therefore it is important to consult a professional to know how strong the base of a house is and whether it will be able to hold this material. However, this material is perfect for all kinds of weather. Therefore, when going for a new roof installation it's imperative to seek expert professional support.