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Do You Know How Robots Help Encourage Social Play?

Encourage Bonding

It may come as a surprise, but, over time, many kids form bonds with their robots. MOVIA’s systems are programmed with kid-friendly breaks and dance moves that encourage friendliness and associate robot sessions with fun, enjoyment, and other warm feelings. 

These interactions help the children bond with their robot teachers, especially as the robots are unlocking learning potential for children with Autism, personalized positive feedback using the child’s name and/or phrases that are familiar to the child.

Break Past the Barriers of Remote Learning

In the era of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, many children are struggling with the skills they are learning in school – and that includes the social skills that in-person schooling often fosters. After over a year of isolation, the transition back to “normal” is likely to be full of struggles as children re-adjust to interacting regularly with peers.

For children with autism, this struggle is likely to be even more dramatic. Regular engagement with a familiar face (even when that familiar face is a robot) provides a level of consistency and familiarity that children find comforting. It also supports their social skills even when human interaction is limited.

During COVID, many areas of education have turned to virtual learning. This change in a social setting can pose a new struggle for children with autism. Handling a Zoom class is challenging for any child! This is one situation where robot-assisted activities can be especially helpful. Artificial intelligence helps make sure the child is still engaged and benefiting from the activity.