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Need Of Bioresorbable Medical Device Material Compounding

As bioresorbable materials are the most current in medical device design, it is vital to have a complete understanding of what exactly comprises this type of material. This blog post provides more details for those curious about how such materials work and why they are so popular.

Bioresorbable medical device material compounding is the process of mixing two or more compounds together to create a new bioresorbable material. The goal of this process is to create a material that is both effective and safe for use in medical devices. You can also learn more about bioresorbable medical device material compounding through

In order to create a bioresorbable medical device, a material must be compounded that meets the specific needs of the device. The types of compounding used for biomedical devices fall into two main categories: preform and formulator.

Preform Compounding is the older of the two methods and is used when only the shape or size of the final product is known in advance. Materials are combined according to formulas that are usually proprietary to the compounding company. This method is often used for medical implants and other devices that need to be precisely tailored to fit a certain person or location.

Formulator Compounding is newer and more versatile. Materials can be mixed together in any combination and customized to create products that meet the specific needs of a biomedical device. This method is often used for biodegradable medical devices that need to dissolve over time.