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Afternoon Tea – The Great Tradition

Every person who has tea has an opinion about the tea traditions that is Afternoon Tea. It's a celebration that has been celebrated through years of British literature, poetry as well as films and is renowned throughout the globe as a result. 

In reality, Afternoon Tea can be extremely elegant. It is usually served between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. It could include small sandwiches, scones cakes, jams and even a variety of sweets. 

Afternoon tea is typically served informal areas of the home instead of the kitchen and is served with the finest linens, fine china, and silver teapots. You can search online by simply typing the ‘best afternoon tea delivered near me’ in your browser's search box to find a good service.

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High Tea

High tea is actually an early evening meal typically occurring in the late hours between 5 and 6 at night. It usually consists of eggs, cold meats cakes, sandwiches, and cakes. It is considered to be a more formal occasion. Because of the kind of food that is served, it tends to be served at the table that is typically used for dinner, or a table that is higher thus the term "high tea."

What kind of tea do you prefer?

If you are wondering about the tea to be served at Afternoon Tea, there are a variety of options. The hostess usually makes the tea with an electric kettle to heat the water. Since the water is only out of the boiling point when it is served over the tea, more flavor is retained. This cuts down the time to actually brew the tea.