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CART Captioning For Virtual Events

Any publicly accessible virtual event must proactively request the CART (Real-Time Translation with Access to Communication) service for live subtitles. A CART request means that the student accessibility service will hire a live person to remotely label your event while your event is taking place.

Subtitles are available to all attendees attending your event. CART is the best choice to make sure your show is accessible to all audiences, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. You can also hire the efficient and real-time cart caption services online.

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Since real people create CART labels, errors may arise that need to be corrected before the recording can be made available for on-demand viewing. The fact that a student accessibility service creates or edits closed captions for your event before publication ensures that the captions are correct.

Subtitle requests can usually be reviewed within three business days and videos may not be posted online without subtitles. Automatically generated subtitles such as those available on YouTube or Microsoft Teams are not a reliable or compatible substitute for professional subtitles. 

Videos opened with subtitles that have subtitles embedded directly into the video and cannot be excluded by the viewer may also be shown, although this is not usually recommended as a best practice for most videos.