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Smoking- All About Cigars

Cigars are piles of dry, fermented tobacco. One end is lit with fire and the other is an opening through which smoke can enter the smoker’s mouth. Cigar tobacco is special: it tastes richer and deeper than the tobacco used in ordinary cigarettes.  Cuban cigars are particularly considered the finest variety.

Cigars used to be very expensive and usually limited to fetes where "smokers" were held. These are a place for meetings where important politicians come together to discuss important issues while they smoke.  You can also look for the best cigars in Florida via

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How are cigars made? Optional tobacco petals are collected first and then ripened through a combination of shade and heat. This is done to reduce sugar and water content in the leaves without making the leaves rot. Once the dry leaves are set, the slow fermentation process causes them to "die of grace". During this time, humidity and temperature are controlled so that the leaves ferment without rotting or disintegrating. 

After the fermentation is complete, the leaves are sorted depending on whether to use as a cigar filler or as a wrapper. The leaves should be kept moist and handled with extreme care. After sorting, the cigar maker carefully and hand rolls it into each different shape of the cigar.

The taste of the cigar depends on the leaf used for packaging and filling. To maintain their taste, cigars should be put at room light and almost great moisture. A humidor or special wooden box normally comes with a cigar when purchased.

Even though cigars are clearly harmful to health, they still have a mystique whether seen on screens or read in books.