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The Importance of CPR Training

The basic life support method is called cardiopulmonary rescue. This is the procedure that provides artificial circulation and respiration to maintain life for a person whose heartbeat or breathing has stopped. CPR is often performed on a drowned or collapsed person, particularly if pulse and respiration are absent.

CPR training in Kent will allow you to save lives. If blood flow to the brain is reduced, oxygen will be cut off. Brain cells can die if they aren't getting enough oxygen. C You can also look for the best CPR training in kent via

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What is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?

1. Perform head-tilt-chin-lift maneuver. You must first perform the head-tilt chin-lift maneuver. You will need to tilt your victim's forehead using your palm. Next, pinch the victim's nose with your thumb and middle finger. Perform a chin lift with your other hand. You will need to pull the victim's neck using your index, middle, and thumb. Next, seal your mouth. The victim should then take two deep breaths into his mouth. A good mouth seal will be when the victim's chest rises with each blow.

2. Compress your chest. Place the heel of your hand on the victim's chest. You should start 30 compressions and alternate between 2 rescue breaths.

3. After the first cycle has been completed, monitor the victim's pulse and breathing. If the victim is still breathing, stop compressions and place the victim in a resting position. If the victim is not responding, repeat the cycle.