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Fire Regulations & Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire regulations & fire safety in the workplace are important considerations, especially in places where one or more people are employed. Such places include a hospital, university, commercial establishment hotel, and shops as well as offices.

The regulations that help to ensure that fire does not break out in such places were amended to include stipulations regarding premises where more than five persons are employed.

Such places will need to have a fire risk assessment detailing the necessary fire safety precautions that have been put in place. You can also get the best hospital fire safety training via

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According to existing fire regulations & fire safety in the workplace, it is necessary that employers must, after having a risk assessment done, ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to ensure that the risk of fire is minimized.

In addition, several fire safety steps have to be taken including providing emergency exit routes as well as doors. The employer must also ensure that emergency exit doors open in the outward (not inward) direction and they should not be sliding doors or even revolving doors.

Every such premise must also have emergency lighting to light up the exit routes in case of emergencies and the premises must also have sufficient fire fighting equipment as well as fire alarms and if required, appropriate fire detectors in place.

There is also a need to install fire exit signs and fire alarms as well as fire fighting equipment with illustrated signs to help people learn how to use the equipment.

Employers must also make an effort to train their employers to ensure that they understand proper fire safety measures. An emergency fire fighting plan must also be put in place and the workers must be properly trained as well as equipped to perform necessary fire fighting tasks during a fire or emergency.

According to proper Fire Regulations & Fire Safety in the workplace standards, it is also important that the equipment as well as facilities including items such as alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency doors must each be maintained on a regular basis and any faults, when detected, must be rectified immediately. A record of such maintenance must also be maintained.

It is also the responsibility of the employers to appoint competent people, inadequate numbers, to help provide assistance to comply with all fire regulations and fire safety in the workplace requirements.

Only those persons that have adequate training and experience, as well as knowledge and desired qualities, will be considered as being competent to provide the required assistance in conducting a fire risk assessment.