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Are There Other Ways To Root The Clone?

You can consider various cloning methods, e.g. use of bubbles or air layers. Using the bladder produces clones that have just been cut, sitting in a bubbling oxygen nutrient solution at 75 ° F.

Water layers are used in bonsai production and, if done properly, can produce long, healthy branches. This is something I personally do when I want to take a large side branch and let it grow as an independent clone. You can visit to get marijuana clones in Los Angeles.

The extraordinary thing is that this actually runs on plants when growing normally. I highly recommend that you learn this technique before trying it, especially if you are new to plant biology.

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Do I really have to cut the leaves?

There is no need to remove leaf blades, but this encourages the plant to stop and almost close photosynthesis. In this way, root cells can be formed under the condition of a dark and moist root cube.

Many farmers only cut healthy branches and, after taking root, let them grow with intact leaves. 14 days have passed and there is still no root. Am I doing something wrong?

You might have messed up some of the basics, and now your virgin clone is square again. If you remove the clone and examine it carefully, you can see that there is no root development.

In fact, there is only a wet and rotten top that has ever had a strong wooden handle. If so, learn from your mistakes and apply root hormones, switch to a fresh new environment, and make sure your temperature and humidity are at the right level.