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Different Uses of Stanchion Posts

Stanchion's posts are not just used for making barrier queues. Posts are mainly used with stanchion belts to handle crowds and so sometimes these posts go unnoticed when used in some other way. For instance, stanchions posts are currently being used as sanitiser holds in most of the shops and stores. But people might have noticed it the same way as they notice stanchions and barriers. You can easily purchase such posts and stanchions in Vancouver online.

Here are different uses of stanchion posts:

– During charitable events, you might look for funds and charity collection from the audience. But, rather than going to people, you might want them to come forward and make contributions. For such cases, you can take the help of stanchion posts and place any box or bowl on the top of it as a collection tool. People can come forward, make contributions and your work will be done without much effort.

– If you are hosting a small indoor event and invite children as wee, you can very well make use of stanchion posts. Children love getting treats but eating more sweets can be bad for their oral health. So instead of keeping sweets openly somewhere, you can place a post and a bowl of sweets on it, on the entry or exit points and ask your guests to enjoy it.

– Just like the stanchions are used for placing sanitisers in the stores, they can be also used to keep signboards or instructions for people visiting the store.